Building Relationships With Music Production Process

Building Relationships With Music Production Process

When I formed the band, we’d decided to have a glam image. It may have seemed small at the time, but what started as an interview for an internship set the stage for something much bigger. This mic closely resembles the U 87 microphone, which have been used by pretty much all the best studios in the world and is a holy grail microphone.

To compliment our recording studio hardware, we have a comprehensive range of microphones including Shure, AKG, Sennheiser and Neumann microphones, to name a few. We did a few gigs. When it comes to video production, few things need to remember to deliver a high quality and interesting video during the presentation.

This is the final stage in the music production process, and the quality of the master is wholly dependent on the quality of the production and mix beforehand. Reading about art tended to bleed over into the way you thought about music. If you’re not ready to make that size of an investment, which can easily go over $2,000, a MacBook Air is a more affordable way to get a taste of the Apple world of music-making.

Has your attitude to it mellowed over the years? I had an electric piano at home and I came up with that keyboard riff and wrote that song almost dismissively. You need to practice in order to master the art of finding the perfect levels for your beats, basses and synths, especially when you mix at home.

This two-piece rack from Xihaoer is perfect for storing away their 12” and 7” records. Now, you can. Having these inputs available also means you can plug in instruments like a synth and record directly into the Maschine software. 2. Guitar Technician. Many touring musicians employ a guitar technician to care for instruments and keep them in tune. There was also a cheap Italian guitar called a Futurama.

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It wasn’t really a recording studio; it was a guy called Mike Levon who was a recording hobbyist, and he had a spare bedroom, which he’d put some soundproofing in. Unfortunately, the record label took the title a little too literally and I wasn’t too happy about the cover because it made it look like a heavy metal album. Be-Bop Deluxe didn’t look like the long-haired bands of the time. I didn’t feel that it worked.

Recorded Northern Dream. That then got into the hands of John Peel and he loved it. When Peel played Northern Dream, EMI happened to hear it and got in touch and asked me to go down and see them. We got on as people. I got involved playing on albums by various people and as a result of that, he said, “Why don’t you do something of your own? I kept on saying “no” and then we got a gig supporting a band called String Driven Thing at the Marquee in London.

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